Bleeding Control Kit - Standard CAT


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Equip Yourself to Save Lives with the Standard Bleeding Control Kit: Battle-Tested Tools for Life-Threatening Traumatic Blood Loss

Our Standard Bleeding Control Kit is designed to equip lay responders with battlefield-tested tools, enabling them to effectively stop life-threatening traumatic blood loss. This comprehensive kit includes essential items such as:

  • C-A-T Tourniquet (Tactical Black or Hi-Viz Orange)

  • 6-inch Emergency Trauma dressing

  • 2 packs compressed wound-packing gauze

  • Trauma  shears

  • 2 pair Nitrile responder gloves

  • Survival Blanket

  • Permanent marker

  • Instruction card

All these critical supplies are neatly organized in a red rip-stop nylon zippered pack that can be rapidly deployed. With this kit, you'll be prepared to handle emergencies like a pro, ensuring optimal safety and care. 

Buy the Standard Bleeding Control Kit now and be ready to help save lives!  

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